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My spirit sings to you now

Put your heart and soul where I can see them shine

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Georgie Price-Jones
3 June
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I am a human. Yeah, bet you didn't know that did you Marlee?

Eric Idle is Love!

created by: lonelytourist

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Dhani Harrison is Love!

George and his Guitar are love!

I am a bit spacy. I love New Wave, 60s rock, And all that. I am also too much of a hippie for my own good.
60s, 80s music, acoustic guitar, acting, agatha christie, alternative rock, animal rights, art, astral projection, back to the future, beatles, bedazzled, black and white photography, books, britain, british comedy, broadway shows, california, candles, chrissie hynde, classic rock, concerts, creedance clearwater revival, creedence clearwater revival, dave davies, david jones, david tennant, dhani harrison, directing, dirk gently, doctor who, douglas adams, dreaming, elephants, england, eric idle, fanfics, filmmaking, finian's rainbow, flowers, flying circus, folk music, freedom, george harrison, george's eyebrows, get smart, green party, green peace, groucho marx, guitars, hare krishna, harry potter, head, help!, herman's hermits, hermione granger, hinduism, hippies, hitchhiker's guide, holy grail, incense, india, indian food, japan, julie andrews, karaoke, kate bush, krishna, love, mark hollis, meditation, michael nesmith, micky dolenz, mod fashion, monk, monkees, monty python, movies, muppets, music, musicals, new wave, nonviolence, old movies, oldies, olivia harrison, peace, perfect strangers, peta, peta2, pete and dud, peter cook, peter tork, photography, piano, pins, playing guitar, poetry, pretenders, protesting, pushing daisies, ray davies, reading, records, recycling, revolver, rock and roll, scully/mulder, singing, sitars, sixties music, songs, spirituality, square pegs, star wars, stars, strongbad, sunrises, sunsets, talk talk, the 60s, the avengers, the beatles, the bugaloos, the burbs, the kinks, the marx brothers, the mikado, the monkees, the muppet show, the muppets, the music man, the pretenders, the prisoner, the red green show, the rutles, the sound of music, the x-files, thenewno2, they might be giants, time bandits, to kill a mockingbird, transcendental meditation, two weeks notice, vegetarianism, welcome back kotter, writing, writing songs, zen buddhism,

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